About Us

Yanic Barrett

"I am a graphic designer by trade, with an obsession for traveling that is rarely savored. Being somewhere I have never been before and lost in a locale with strange food and sights is the ultimate thrill for me. ” I was always obsessed about travelling. The fire within me was oftentimes doused by not being given the opportunity to travel overseas because of the limitations Jamaicans and most Caribbean people experience. I never allowed that to stop me! Once the opportunity was granted, my obsession for travelling to different countries was unleashed and I now find great pleasure in sharing my experiences with you. Also, as a Jamaican, I want to showcase hidden gems that are unknown to locals but are experienced by foreigners. I invite you to explore the hidden gems across the world with me and unleash your hidden obsession.  The world is a beautiful place and it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself. Be prepared to see the world through my eyes and have your breath taken away.

Racquida Bowie

My name is Racquida. I am a Jamaican girl that loves EVERYTHING about my country. I’m a country girl that moved to “town” way too early in her life! From the most beautiful parish, Portland. Yes Portland…as in Port Antonio… as in Port Antonio Hospital! I lived there until I moved to Kingston when I was 10 years old.I love to travel and I am pretty much obsessed with my beautiful island and seek to explore everything about it, complete every adventure attached to each parish. The only thing that I love more than travelling (a part from my love, family and friends of course) is plantain! My other passions are split between Creating (me can mek anyting outta paper and glue) and FOOD.My mission is to show everyone, everything that Jamaica has to offer, and to hopefully influence persons to travel visit these different places.

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