The City of Eternal Sprint. Pt 01: What was I thinking!?

The City of Eternal Sprint. Pt 01: What was I thinking!?

So…I’ve been back from my first solo adventure for a short while now and while sharing stories gained on my trip, everyone seems to ask the same questions over and over again. It’s really a drag trying to explain to everyone the reasons behind the trip, like…me tiad fi talk, lol but at the same time, I love sharing my motives and my inspiration behind making the decisions I did. Maybe In hope that I can inspire and motivate others to follow suite and do the same. Not tryna be all #motivationalfriday on you guys 😛 but there are unique and fulfilling experiences to be hand on the road alone.

But besides all the questions the most frequent response I usually get from my peers are “me couldn’t do it”, “idk how you did it to”, “me wudda fraid fi go by myself elf”. As if me sharing the wonderful experiences I had did stir up some sense of thrill seeking within them, lol.

Any-who this is basically a FAQ, so here goes

Why Colombia?

I literally just saw a video on youtube about Medellin and I had just finished watching season one of narcos, so it only made sense. lol Seriously though, that might have sparked my interest but there were 3 main things that drove me to make the decision.

  2. Cost of living in Colombia is super cheap compared to the US. Flights into Medellin from Florida are also relatively cheap.
  3. The city of Medellin since recently, is known for its innovation and how ‘Tourist Friendly’ and safe it has become.

Why did you choose to travel alone?

Tbh the initial plan was to travel with a group of friends, but one thing led to another and I was left with the decision to either postpone the trip, till God knows when in order to have company, or just go alone. So, after much thought, I decided I needed to give myself a challenge. I felt like i’d feel more accomplished navigating a city myself, not even knowing the language. I accepted that challenge. 

Do you speak Spanish?

Barely, lol…in fact less than barely. Google translate and I became BFFs.

Did you feel any danger?

Nope. As I said before, the city is pretty safe. Obviously, the same safety and precautions you’d take back home applies anywhere you travel. Also as a solo traveler who doesn’t speak the language I choose to stay in a generally ‘Touristy’ area. Most Colombians I encountered was extremely friendly, I never felt like I was unwanted anywhere, even being black in a predominantly latin and white city. I feel more at danger in the states tbh, but that’s a different blog post.

Yuh guh link up Pablo!?

No, I believe he’s deceased.  :p

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where Daniel goes in-depth with the sights, sounds and tastes of Columbia! In the mean time you can follow his page on Instagram listed below. Daniel is a Talented graphic designer/Photographer/Videographer who has a lust for the creative life and travel. He is dead set on exploring the Caribbean and South America as far as his passport will take him.

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  1. Sometimes you just gotta do it alone if it’s really what you want! Waiting on pt 2 :p

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