The Islanders guide to your own damn yaad! A place called Lashings

The Islanders guide to your own damn yaad! A place called Lashings

I am always on the hunt for that out of the way, hide away, bohemian paradise that I can just get lost in for a couple of days and fantasize what it would be like to stay there forever and not have to show up to my 9-5. If you are like me and are prone to these day dreams then Lashings Villas in St. Elizabeth (st. Bess) is just the place for you. 

Located in the tourism bastion of Treasure beach, about ten minutes from the instagram famous Jakes and Jacksprat. Lashings Villas is a well kept secret that is sure to let you forget your weekly woes and also how badly the writers have messed up season 8 of Game of Thrones. Lashings Villas come with shared kitchens, equipped with the modern necessities fridge, stove and microwave etc. The villa comes with rooms that looks like they were styled by a designer from Boho chic, the bathrooms are extremely gorgeous with quaint finishes such as using a grater for a lamp shade. The villa also comes with an infinity pool that has a  wonderful view of the ocean. There are lounge chairs, hammocks, day beds and an industrial barbecue grill. This is the perfect setting for group adventures to celebrate birthdays, or to just get out of the hustle and bustle. 

There is also a hotel, which is higher up on the property that boasts a wider view of the ocean and also comes with it’s own infinity pool, day beds, and hammock. The hotel also has a terrace with a private dinner table setting which overlooks the ocean and property, that is sure to make you the envy of your friends and family. Wifi is also available, so you will be able to stream Netflix and chill at your leisure. 

The hotel also comes with a penthouse if you insist on being above it all. Every room has been individually styled and themed. It definitely gives off a New York loft vibe which I can wholeheartedly get behind.

On property there is a really awesome terraced bar and restaurant (treetop bar). There are hanging signs everywhere within the restaurant to keep your eyes roving and discovering some new information or fun facts about the area. The restaurant has been built in harmony with the terrain and has been constructed around a huge mango tree that provides much needed shelter from the St. Bess sun. (Opening hours are 8am – 10pm restaurant, bar goes an additional hour) Theres also a happy hour everyday that goes from 4:30pm to 6:30pm with 2 for 1 specials, be sure to take advantage of this!

Upon approaching the restaurant you are greeted with signs that scream the menu at you, so you are able start playing around in your mind what you might be having before you are seated. The menu of course is packed with the regular Jamaican affairs of curried this, jerked that, with also spanish and Italian influences. The restaurant caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they will also deliver to your room if you are too comfy to move or really not in the mood to breathe the same air as strangers.

Built by David Folb, originally from England, also unfortunately a “Chelsea fan” lol, David can be seen on property interacting with guests and making everyone feel as welcome as can be. Side note only Chelsea jerseys are allowed in the bar, I learnt that the hard way being a Barca supporter lol. Otherwise from that staff have been really welcoming and have made me feel right at home (I wish it were my home). Now to the nitty gritty….. cost, we were able to get a room for $50usd per night as of this posting (which is a steal!). I think it will be around $65-80usd  for regular price, you can contact them by email: or call +1876 9036369, +18765501610 or 1876 846 4073.You can also find them on AIRBNB and on

 I recommend booking 2 weeks in advance as the secret is definitely getting out. 

Until next time ….. I have work tomorrow, it’s back to reality for me :(. 

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  1. Nice…I should read your blog more often

  2. Thanks for sharing….Lashings… is now on my staycation list

  3. Mi haffi haffi come ere so!! Thank yaa! Great read!

  4. Such beauty in our own backyard.

  5. It’s on my list of places to visit, so this is a nice little reminder for me. Good stuff! 🙂

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